1. Hey hey now! It is all on how they are raised! We had a pit who loved our two babies like they were her own. She was never mean or aggressive. She was always full of love and VERY protective over all of us! Pits are wonderful dogs, just need to be trained right.

  2. Theirs a bad rep with pitbulls, they can be aggressive obviously, but it's really how it's raised, I had a cane corso which has part pitbull and he was the biggest baby. But I don't agree that people who can't train dogs well and are teaching the dog to be aggressive then you can't even control how ur dog acts, like same with people having kids, some people shouldn't get dogs. That's just fact.

  3. 👈 my pittie is a big baby. She's big and bad when someone's knocking but as soon as I open that door she's gone with her tail between her legs.

    Y'all crazy as hell

  4. It's not the dog, it's how it's trained. I've seen some of the sweetest dogs that were pitts but I've also seen some that were crazy. But I've seen crazy in many dog breeds. Owners don't know how to train or properly socialize their dog then blame the dog for not knowing how to act.

  5. i guess the rule with pitbulls is to always be very wary of the beast within. the better ones can be nice 99% of the time but it only takes one time for someone to get badly injured

  6. Why stupid adopt dangerous dog like pit bull…do you know that if the owner died in the house…and pit bull get hungry he can eat you….because he react wildly..like predator…good like pit bull lovers..🤣🤣

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