Penelope's Big Dental Update | Stephen's KETO Diet

We are so excited to have just completed Penelope’s final visit with her dentist that has been restoring all of her teeth! The next step is to meet again with her cleft …


  1. Hola, quiero felicitar a tan hermosa familia hacen una gran labor de dar un hogar feliz a niños que realmente necesecitan de una familia que los protegen y les den seguridad , yo también fui adoptada y no tuve la oportunidad de ser realmente feliz, pedirles que si sus vídeos los puedan subtitular ,yo hablo español y entenderé mejor sus lindas experiencias . Soy de La Paz Bolivia 🙋💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Quauuuu bonita familia
    Amanda y esposo Spt Dios
    Les bendiga siempre por loque asen con el proguimo Dios les bendiga siempre
    Con los chicos y Lincoln Dios
    es Amor , Panamá Mary Eugenia Martes Beitia Panamá

  3. Hi I recently started watching your YouTube channel, love you all and love what u do. I have a small suggestion about the dads diet, I honestly believe that if u want to loose weight and be healthier, cut the daily butter in your coffee completely and drink black coffee, I'm talking from experience and love, cut the cream cheese, I would only recommend eggs as a dairy nutrient and i would recommend deleting sweets and sugar in any form completely from your diet and of course keep carbs to a minimum. I promise if you make this a lifestyle you will see incredible change in your weight and health and energy. Good luck 💙

  4. Oh, Lincoln is making such progress. It’s wonderful to see. So happy about your dental treatment Penelope, but with or without it you have a smile that lights up a room. Such a lovely trip away for you Jude! A great way to spend time with your dad. So sweet of Liam to fix poor little Ethan’s Lego. Xx

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