NEW CBD OIL FOR AUTISM..Instant results!!

I cannot express my shock at how quick this Cbd oil worked… Joshua has been on CBD oil for nearly 2 years but his oil has become unavailable to Europe so I …


  1. There are also other thing to that can help. Detoxify therapies and eating good foods. There are diet especially for Autism. The CBD oil is so good for many suffers. Well done Mum for trying this method I've been trying to convince my family members to try it for there Autistic and ADHD children and I'm differently getting for my newly diagnosed BPD son.

  2. So happy you’ve found something that helps him. I’ve got some arriving tomorrow for my son who has autism and a head too full of anxiety for an 11 year old. Here’s hoping. Best of luck and love to you both xx

  3. I believed in CBD and was in these groups until suddenly I realized I was kicked out for seriously no reason. I have heard these stories about kicking out but did not believe they were innoccent. But yes. So after I realized that they are morons and looks like CBD did affect their brains.

  4. Plsssssss don t take me wrong .but if my grand son did that i don t mind.ours is woresttttttt then that cos he don t eat and don t speck.and i alwwwwwwwwaaaaaáyyyyyyyy cry for him who know how much thimgs wish to say and dooooo and he s dened he onlyyy drink milk

  5. I wonder if his behaviour could be caused by withdrawal symtoms. Even some meds if stopped suddenly can give withdrawal symptoms. I just wonder what he would ve like if you didnt give the cbd for couple of days if it would pass. Its great to see him feel better tho!

  6. Wow. So wonderful to see him doing well with the oil. It REALLY helps for all who suffers. I suffer with terrible chronic headaches nerve heachaches from brain surgery and CBD oil is seriously the only thing that gives me INSTANT pain relief and results- no seizers and quality of LIFE. IF only there were more Drs etc who understood the benefits. We're not getting HIGH we are free from misery and pain…
    I'm SO HAPPY your son has Happiness and is preaceful after the oil. Xoxo 💙🧡

  7. Hello, good morning, I just wanted to recommend the GUT diet. You can find everything about it in (BOOK) "Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism,ADD/ADHD,Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,Depression,Schizophrenia" by Natasha Campbell-McBride .I think it would be an excellent complement to the treatment of your children. It worked for me with my daughter. 💙😊

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