Nancy Pelosi Declares Gun Control Will Be PRIORITY in 2019

Please watch: “Talking Gun Control With DICK HELLER” –~– Nancy Pelosi Declares Gun Control Will Be …


  1. We the people demand the instant resignation impeachment and immediate arrest of Nancy Pelois under high treason punishable by law: 18 U.S. Code § 2381. Treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
    Colluding with the United Nations small arm treaty which is anti-constitutional.

  2. ANYONE coming to TAKE ANYTHING better be as ready to Die as I am! First, I have NO Desire WHATSOEVER to live in the ABSOLUTELY CONTROLLED World that these Bastards who are playing God want to create! Second, I will kill anyone who tries to Force my grandchildren to live in their Cesspool of Tyranny! Third, I have NO illusions about surviving the event! I will die right then and there, and have NO qualms about it! So, ANY TREASONOUS TRAITORS coming to carry out ANY Un-Constitutional order, you better have ALL of your "Goodbye's" said and done! YOU WILL DIE then, and there as well! As former Military and Law Enforcement, I took the Oath to uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States, TWICE! I meant it, BOTH times, with every fiber of my Being! YOU took the SAME Oath, if you are in uniform, and are therefore a TREASONOUS TRAITOR, not to mention, a COWARD, IF you are going to follow UN-CONSTITUTIONAL Orders, given by DOMESTIC ENEMIES! That's a PATHETIC state of being to Die in! I think HELL has a special place for TREASONOUS, TRAITOROUS, COWARDS, and I WILL send you there!!!

  3. I wish we could vote to fix this, but it's not that simple. Republicans and Democrats are wings of the same bird. Trump has deceived us all! He is for new world order, and YES EVENTUALLY OUR GUNS.

  4. your trash, you say it is a god given wright, then you play god… you
    say the founding fathers, then you say nothing about the 3rd president
    THEMSELVES. you are all trash you help keep guns from others, fuck your
    guns, some one should just kill all your sorry asses… at least a felon will stand up,
    and felons can do the job solo most of the time…

  5. Oh come on people. You've known this was coming since you gave up the 2nd as a right to be turned into a privilege. Instead of arguing for the right of the people you've tried to keep your firarms by telling the government to take other groups. It had to catch up to you at some point.

  6. 99.9% of Americans that are killed by guns are from other fellow Americans. The changes of you being killed by a foreigner (including Mexico) is less than 1%. Yes, let's build the wall so we can all be safe like Trump indicated.

  7. the second amendment states that we have the right to have firearms to protect the freedoms that we have so no one can take away our constitutional rights thus more it also states an act of militia if necessary

  8. Cant they see what will happen …..the right of the people will not be infringed … Its out constitutional right as americans to stand our ground against those who would go against the constitution. Why do you think it was written……. Because we the people are the govt. We the people are americans. We the people put you in office to uphold your oath and the constitution if you can not do that we the people will take you out….. Molon labe my brothers in arms. Im a marine corps vet. Amd i will stand my ground. To those who will go against this great nations constitution.

  9. Its really easy when it comes to gun control and banning firearms.
    We have the 2nd amendment
    In ny we have the safe act it's not constitutional so we don't fallow it and now NY state points wont in force it because they are scared to get sued. Theres been 3 officers sued for the safe act and all 3 officers lost. The people have the power we tell the government what's what or there will be serious repercussions like civil war. I cant wait for that day

  10. What can we do ? Republican are traitors and demons crata enemies , they are playing same team , receiving money , I guess , I don't like the horizon . pray the Lord .

  11. Nancy plastic face pelosic you and your dambass cronies are killing the democratic party y'all are so stupid how many Dems do u think are gun owners that are not going to put up with u and Charles scum bag and Diane Frankenstein y'all are dumbass es

  12. I understand and I believe in what you're saying but what I think is regardless of how many votes go where they're going to win no matter what civil war is comming and as far as I'm concerned I let it pass and let them try and come to our guns and let them get the rude awakening that they solely I deserve

  13. To anyone reading this…They can pass any law they want…
    But if someone is charged with violating, for example a ban on 30 round magazines and you are on the jury…Vote not guilty.
    Don't mention you don't agree with the law, just vote not guilty.
    That is how you nullify these attacks on the Constitution.

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