Montel Williams' Mental Health Journey | The Mel Robbins Show

Montel Williams, retired Navy Lieutenant and host of The Montel Williams Show, discusses mental health in veterans. Subscribe NOW to The Mel Robbins Show: …


  1. Just watched the episode and OMG I just wanted to go through my tv screen to give Montel a huge hug. He truly cares for others and it is amazing how big of a heart he has after gone through so much. Please have him back on your show, loved watching you both speak on such a sensitive topic.

  2. It was an absolute blessing meeting both you and Montel Williams and I am working with my wife to try to do better one day at a time! You truly are gonna be doing some amazing things! Thank you for having me on your show to share my story and to shine light on such an important topic! God Bless!

  3. I have m.s and Montel is my M.S hero . I followed his advice in 2004 when I was diagnosed. Thank you Mel and Montel for this episode. I am in a new chapter again and Mel I found you by the laws of attraction and now 5 4 3 2 ……is taking off…

  4. He is such a great man who fights for right things. I remember him fighting for the rights of immigrants at the time when republicans were spreading the hatred towards them. He always protected minorities, people who were without any protection from the society. God bless you Montel. You are such a great, great man!

  5. The video seems to run out right after Mel says, "When we come back …" and we don't hear the rest of Montel's story. There are only 8 minutes and 26 seconds. Not the whole show. Thanks!

  6. Love this 🙌 I think it’s so true. Become empowered through having the courage to deal with your struggles rather than wearing them as a badge of courage. Taking action equals growth on the pathway to healing.

  7. Such an important and for some people life saving subject to cover. I live in England and can't access your show Mel…so frustrating as I really want to watch. Would love to be able to see the second half of this interview.

  8. It pisses me off the way the veterans are treated. These people sacrifice their life, everything and they should be given everything for free… If it was not for our military we ALL would be hiding under something, those different countries hate the USA hate us you have not seen crime let those people get here in the USA and you will see True Crime, it breaks my heart that our government do not take care of our soldiers they get no mental help some a homeless it is disgusting to me disgusting and appalling they should not have to demand respect every time I see a military person I thank them for there sacrifice because I know I would be hiding under my bed in fear without them…

  9. Montel still looking as good as ever 😍 thank you for being strong enough to check yourself and actively work on yourself while helping others. Bless

  10. Montel is an amazing person. A strong person who has endured so much. He is remarkable and always to be admired. I wish him the very best.He is a incredible guy who deserves the best that life can over.Mel is impressive too. Thank you so very much.

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