Medical Medium Anthony William on the Dos and Don’ts of Celery Juice

Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with medical medium and New York Times best-selling author Anthony William to talk about his powerful celery juice health …


  1. I'm suffering from acid reflux bad on day 2 of cabbage and celery juice not sure I'm doing it right I'm chopping cabbage and celery washing it then adding 300ml of spring water blending it in a blender and straining it any advice would be greatly appreciated

  2. Have begun 3-6-9 cleanse program. On day 5 I could not get out of bed due to excruciating pain in my left hip. What gives? Any ideas why this is happening? I’m on day 7, and pain hasn’t let up. Pain diminishes during the day. No physical trauma to report

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  5. I am on day 4 of celery juice, I feel quite refreshed and bowel movements are something on another level haha I am usually always craving for chocolate, but for the last 4 days I havent touched one, although we have so much in the fridge. Not sure if it's celery or it's me telling myself to stop it at least when I'm committed to this lol

    ONE QUESTION – for how long should we do this kind of cleanse? I dont think I can make it a lifetime, but usually how long is a decent cycle to take a break, and then come back? I see people do 7 days, 14 days, but how long is good enough to reach the maximum benefits yet not to get "too used" to it and not seeing as much benefits as before?

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  7. Nothing new under the sun…this is stolen works of Dr. Norman Walker who in the 1960s, invented the Walker Press…with celery juice being one of the key juices…as it is of "organic sodium" and as Dr. Walker spoke of in his books…celery phyto-chemical constituents cleanse the cellular membranes of the body.

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  11. OMG Anthony you have made me so much better I cry as I write this message , I've been on pharmaceutical drugs for over 20 years and Anthony and spirit have helped me those horrendous poisoning toxins put of my brain and liver. I've still.away to go but I feel myself HEALING . God bless you Anthony all your dedication blood sweat and tears you have put in to help humanity, your a beautiful BEING 😇😇😇

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