1. I am always impressed when clearly overweight people claim that diet is necessary for their patients…and they don’t even follow their own advice!! Both have frumpy postures and bodies, yet claim those of us with legitimate chronic pain need to adjust our habits to suit them?!

  2. “To the level I would want it to be…” obviously biased!! This deserves a debate on how and why anyone should be allowed to even practice medicine maybe?? Maybe when students pick a career based on income alone THIS IS THE END RESULT!! Detached from their actual profession of providing relief to those suffering!! I’m so glad these morons think Leukemia is something that can be changed with diet alone…maybe they should be informed there aren’t cures yet for MANY THINGS!!!

  3. They keep claiming unsubstantiated that there aren’t any studies! How is this blatant ignorance allowed to continue coming into 2020?!
    Why don’t you interview actual patients?

  4. These two morons are responsible for providing what to patients?? Suffering and complete disregard?!
    There are volumes of data that date back centuries! What does it take?! They have an OBVIOUS bias! Remove their licenses!! It’s ignorance like this keeping patients from finding solutions!

  5. This is exactly why patients are having an absolute nightmare trying to get relief for legitimate pain! It has been studied for centuries!! This blatant ignorance isn’t justified any longer and quite disturbing!

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