1. Thanks Dan! am looking foward for the Us Mj wave. i have a basic question though, i realise am far better at swing trading but also, i think, am better at selling and rebuying lower if its even just 1% lower, is that what we call hedging? anyhow thank you and good night.

  2. Isn’t the $3.00 usd support on medmen just psychological Dan? Also they did a short piece on MedMen on CNBC fast money of course. Hopefully medmen doesn’t drop too much or at all tomorrow.

  3. Hey Dan, just want you to know I look forward to these videos every day. I appreciate you taking the time not only to go through the markets but also for taking the time to put adventure time at the end of every vid hahaha The entire video is edifying 🙂

  4. Oldest Bristlecone Pine tree is <5,000 yrs old and is in California's White Mountains. Slightly different/older than the Rocky Mtn. species, I think.

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