1. In Colorado, they have Aspen trees, not Birch. Hence the name of the city, Aspen, CO. Good to see you got to Telluride, with its 100 year old buildings. Heading that way next month or so. Get well soon!

  2. Hey Dan, I was reading up on the SAFE banking act and found this comment:

    "In Ontario, Canada you can only buy weed online with a credit card until this April at which time the gov.'t will allow 3 brick-and-mortar stores to operate in the entire province of 10 million residents. Talk about dragging their feet."

    Any thoughts on this change?

  3. Great video.

    I think it will be a sell the news as April 1 is the ontario retail sales which is massive. Ontario didn't open the stores like rest of canada on October 17

    Also, NY will be voting for adult sales in April 1 as well.

    In addition, NJ wil be voting for adult sales on 25th march

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