1. Thanks again, Dan.

    Could someone please clarify if we need to hold TGOD on Jan. 31st (Distribution date) at the start of day, end of day, or throughout in order to get the SpinCo shares and warrants? I don't really understand if this is a good deal, though I know today's action just priced it in. I will be setting my stop loss as usual, moving it up as trend permits, and hope people continue to FOMO up until the date. Looks to be near the top of my trend now though and then consolidation for a daily higher low above that 2.77 in my opinion.

  2. Hi Dan, thanks as always for the great work. I have a question. I too have been holding a swing position in CVSI for the last couple of days. My question is: today the very last trade was a dump of 40k shares which took the price down and came in seconds after the close. This happened a couple days ago as well with a 35K share dump, seconds after the close. Neither of these trades reflected the bid/ask. Can you shed any light on what this might mean? Manipulation? Appreciate your thoughts…

  3. Hey Dan! Really appreciate you taking the time to create these videos for us. You've given me a lot confidence as a trader and I look forward to continue to learn. Been watching your videos for the past two years, and am loving the clips from your trip at the end of the analysis. Always a pleasure, thank you.

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