1. Hi shane, just curious what you’d recommend please.
    Ive got a 2m x 2m tent and was looking at the lumatek 600w pro but its says its suited to 1.5m x 1.5m. Could i still use this or is there a better alternative ?

  2. Lmao, you get what you pay for. You wanna grow pro, these type of lights are the way to go. You wanna grow in your parent's basement then Alibaba/Amazon Chinese lights with Chinese quality/ customer service is more up your alley. Just don't be shocked when the lights go to sh.. and you can't even get so much as a "herro?" on the other end of the phone line.

  3. Learn the specifications and components and spend a little time searching Alibaba and you'll find most of the lights other companies sell in the US at a 200% or more markup available for much less.

  4. i think chilLED are using high cri of 93 instead of booster leds..the cree cobs and other cobs like citizen can be driven at 350ma and 700ma creating high efficiency but they need fans or big heatsinks but still produce the best plants in my garden.i run 10 citizen cobs at 350ma to 700ma..a good mix would be 3000k 80cri cobs overlapped with 2700k or 3000k 93 cri cobs for deeper reds.

  5. You should test the optic led Slim600H, I’m curious how it would compare. They use the new Samsung LM301H diodes also new Cree red and blue diodes, the lights suppose to be 3.0 umols/j

  6. Do you have to have the light topside to be efficient to growing? Or could you maybe light from the sidewalls of the tent or even diagonally down from the corners.. Any info is appreciated.

  7. My light still crushes this light on spectrum . And I agree with those who said these things are still far too overpriced. Anyhoo another thumbs up from me! 😀

  8. Almost bought one of these. I was debating between this and The hlg growers choice roi. but then I decided to splurge and get what I considered to be the top model on the market the optic 600 slim h. Seeing that this model and the Arden are the only two with the new top of the line 301 h Samsung chips in it, that I know of, I figured had to go with the top efficacy. I thought about waiting for your 2019 best of review show but I could not wait. hopefully this YouTube channel has educated me sufficiently to have purchased the best light for me. I think it has and I thank you for your help.

  9. Hi, to calculate the PPFD/W I should take 1.5×1.5=2.25 then 2.25×747= 1680.75 and last 1680.75/800= 2.1. It should be 2.12 according to the video, what am I getting wrong?

  10. Awesome video big fan of your channel very educational but I’m curious why you never made a review on the mars Hydro TS600 very powerful little light I don’t see no content in your channel

  11. The main problem with this type of 'bar' light is that they simply don't have the ability to penetrate the mid and lower parts of the plant canopy like the 'lense' style lights can. I would be curious to see what kind of penetration this light has compared to the Migro?…. My bet is on the Migro.

  12. First Thank you again for your work. I would ask is it possible to sometimes take a light like this and dim it down to 80/60 percent and test it in say a 4×4 and see what numbers you get. As sometimes you might run a light like that which is too much power for a 4×4 however dimmed down the efficiency goes up. Thanks

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