1. Great Info, made some tincture, and have some root left over, and would like to make a salve, do you have a recipe for one ,like your amish salve! would love it if you did and shared, thanks ,DJ

  2. I'm definitely not a healthy adult. I have cancer all over my organs, arthritis, heart problems, plus a diseased, fatty liver. You sure I should be taking this stuff, hon? I'm gonna go ahead and try a small dose, and we'll see what happens, but I will take your advice and not use it long-term, (not more than 2 weeks), and we'll see if it benefits me. I'm not afraid of death as you already know, plus I'll probably be ok.

    I loved the video, by the way! I see why it's called, "Bloodroot" now. It's almost the same color as human blood. You know, my uncle used to make a dish out of Bloodroot, and just eat it in a salad. He also made a similar tincture he used for psoriasis, and toothache. He would put another herb in his tincture, but I can't remember what it was called… Make tahose? Haha. It was something like that.


  3. I just discovered your channel and I love it!. You reminded me to take care of my body. 4 yrs ago I practiced Yoga & had ate mostly an aryurvedic diet … I was the healthiest at that time throughout my life. Now due to stressors of western society lifestyle I had been neglecting myself. Thank-you for inspiring & reminding me 😊 I cannot wait for more.

  4. Love your close up.Your camera work is outstanding.Then cutting to music giving us better understanding of your skills.Your herbal Skills and your love of the land that Mother gave us is a beautiful sight.Thanks again .Peace& Love

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