1. Wonderful job, Angelo! This RN is quite impressed! Epilepsy still seems to remain stigmatized. Doing shows like this, telling your own stories.. all of this not only helps destigmatize and EDUCATE people, it also allows groups of people who deal with seizures to come together to support one another. God Bless Everyone who must deal with this. 💖

  2. I saw a post in the sidechat from someone. I took Depakote while I was pregnant. LATER after he was born I found out from another doctor it is not safe to take while pregnant. It also caused nerve damage in one of my legs from it. I now take Lyrica, Lamictal and celexa/

  3. I feel you. My parent's came in my room when I was five and I was seizing. I have temporal lobe Epilepsy. My son and I were at the Cape when he was 14 years old. We rushed him to the hospital when he had a seizure. He has Juvenile Myochlonic(sp) Epilepsy. During a seizure it feels like electricity through my brain. I have regressed from the seizures. I am glad you spoke about this. One of My first YT videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2vQc0mWVh0

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