1. So currently doing Sober October (no weed) and I had sleep paralysis last bight and nightmares I checked my sleep cycle app and I literally spent the hole night in Deep Sleep. Interesting.

  2. This definitely answered why I experienced such intensely vivid dreams after every time I quit. “Stoner dreams” people would say, letting me know it was a known thing. Glad to learn some of the science behind it

  3. people make the mistake of taking it right before sleep when thc messes with your rem cycle. Smoke or use it in the afternoon or evening and when the THC starts to wear off you will still feel sleepy, because your muscles were just being put to use all while being sedated by the THC ,it comfortably exhausts you into sleep

  4. Cbd+magnesium+time release melatonin, rocks for sleep. Weed with Thc has always caused sleep disorders in me and as soon as I quit, I sleep better it doesn’t matter what strain. I will smoke once a month or so for fun and whenever I do my sleep is terrible.

  5. Dude I've been smoking for 8 years, randomly stopped and havent smoked for 4 weeks. For a while, I havent had full dreams or dreams at all, atleast that I remember. The past week and a half I've been dreaming like crazy, really vivid dreams. I never knew this and it answered questions I didnt know I was looking for.

  6. The uploader who said "marajuwana" is against marijuana use. He also is one of the people who disliked the video because they are appalled how marijuana effects your sleep.

  7. Dude literally only talks about alcohol and sometimes lumps in marijuana with no base of evidence -fuckoff, you’re smart but you’re not believable assumptions smart.

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