Jamaica Cerasee Tea Benefits Of Jamaican Cerasee Tea At Home | Recipes By Chef Ricardo

JAMAICA CERASEE TEA BENEFITS OF JAMAICAN CERASEE TEA AT HOME !!Cerasee is one of the best herbal teas Also called Jamaica cerasee tea, it is …


  1. WRONG…WRONG… WRONG, cerasee dont take any form of sweetner or milk,! cerasee is a BITTERs, we in the carribean drink it, to puriify the blood, SO DEFINITELY your way off, and if your granny did it this way she was WRONG! This stuff grows wild we pick it rinse it off and boil it to extract the bitters then let it steap for about 7 mins to cool , then drink a cup full , and thats it! I seen Jamaicans make this countless ot times with sugar and I tell them they are WRONG! NO SUGAR OR SWEETNER, NO MILK, NUTTEN, Just boil and drink! ITS A BITTERS People! Your not suppose to enjoy this stuff, it bitter as hell, but thats where u get the benefits!

  2. Yes I 🇬🇾remember this tea and just drink a cup last night. We drink it hot as possible and plain but I will try it with honey and maybe even lemon. We also drank senna too. And mommy kept our systems clean and sickness was hardly ever. Grateful for natural remedies which I now teach to my children

  3. Excuse me where to order these tea bags? Temporarily in a foolish area that don't have any good Jamaican or African markets. God go rearrange that very soon with a good husband n good home in the right location but in the meantime… what's the web address again Ricky?

  4. I been passing federal observed drug test for year because of Jamaicans 🇯🇲 I love them they are herbal geniuses.. thanks to my Jamaican brothers muddock and Cornwall.. they make me pass all my drug test naturally in 2 day’s or less.. BIG UP JAMAICA 🇯🇲 💪🏿💯❤️

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