Intro to Growing Cannabis With Hydroponics

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for …


  1. you can make an aquarium stand that can support over 5 times the weight of the tank, using a pump to take the water from the tank, under, into the stand, and into the vessel youre growing your bud in, and you have however much room your tank is in size. cheap af. $100 to build the thing.

  2. omg so many bad things going on in the garden i see in this video. pots are WAY too fucking big for those plants. its so fucking dumb and a total waste of money for the media and fabric pot. DUMB. perfect way to over water yo shit!

  3. Whoever gave this a thumbs down, clearly doesn’t know wtf they’re doing. Hence the disagreement. I find this super fascinating and I’m currently trying to take a college course on it! New subscriber.

  4. 8:25 Dude this might actually be the answer to my question on the Space-Bucket video. If I manage to pump water hard enough into a pot that's sitting in/above a reservoir it should oxygenate it. I don't need digital timers for a pump constantly oxygenating water x) thanks dude your videos are great!

  5. What if I want to do hydroponics outdoors with regular flowers/roses? I won’t be home most of the month.
    Bury a container for the water, mesh above the water, then coco coir, balls etc.
    Will it work?

  6. Have your ever read the PRINTED BOOKS of the 1900 up to 1930s hydroponics technologies? One of them is the hybrid soil bed-over water culture used in growing pasture fodder. The rest are modified micro-chinampas, micro-floating Burma garden-farm techniques, non-circulating time-tested and time-proven WROCLOW HYDROPONICS, Bengal hydroponics, Modified Organic Mittleider Method? Get, buy, borrow to photocopy from cover to cover all pages of all of these old bools and out-of-print books, and if your library has an archival microfilming policy to microfilm all incoming new books many times over implemented several decades ago since the 1900s up to this year of 2019 (my country has such a policy) and has a microfilm to print equipments then have them all reprinted in archival ink on archival paper.

  7. How about growing cabbages, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, soybeans, sweet potatoes, wheat, rye, barley, corn, sorghum, millet, amaranth, tepary beans, ground nuts, winged beans, cardoon, oregano, annual Mexican marigolds, garlic, all kinds of medicinal herbal pharmaceutical plants and all kinds of food plants for a change? Why all this craze for illegal cannabis? NON-THC Santhica Cannabis Industrial Hemp is OK, NON-THC cannbis Medicinal Hemp is OK. BUT NOT THE ILLEGAL HIGH THC CANNABIS MARIJUANA NON-HEMP PLANT WHICH IS NOT OK AND IS ILLEGAL, 100% ILLEGAL!

  8. I fuck up to much in soil.i won't try hydro,to many chemicals.since I started state cannabis I got CHS.stomach pain.why because of chemicals they use to grow..when u can use chemicals that the FDA doesn't allow.thats a serious situation.

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