Inside Dispensary and Cannabis Club Moe Greens in San Francisco | NowThis

‘We see professionals, we see moms, we see grandmas, we see everybody.’ — Here’s how this cannabis dispensary is giving their customers the best …


  1. Personally, I dislike drugs that make you hallucinate or take away any sort of feeling. I understand what CBD and THC do to affect people, and my gf has anxiety & other problems so I support her using it in that way and to help her to sleep. I’m not sure if it will be legal everywhere in the next couple of years, but I haven’t really seen too much change recently, with some small exceptions. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t go to a cannabis rally or something if people do that sort of stuff because smoking in general shouldn’t be put in a good light. I have heard my sister and younger brother saying they have seen people doing illegal stuff in school & what not. I would rather them not have to be around those sorts of things until they are older and know what drugs even are

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