India's Hidden Weed Market In Kasol In 2020 | Malana, Parvati Valley

Isn’t it obvious? Even if you have never been to Kasol, I don’t see why any one would question its awesomeness. There are many hill-stations in India alone, but …


  1. Bro.. i m from tamilnadu..
    Planning for Kasol, Parvathivalley Malana for 2021 newyear.

    How can i get there bro.. Help us to Get thr bro..
    How much amount required for the trip bro..
    Plz Help us to visit Himalayas😋🤩✌🏼✌🏼

  2. Bhai video toh shi hai but jo apne headline diye hai na bohut bekar hai… Ese headline k waje se kasol ko bdnam kr diya… Kyu krte ho tum log ese.. video bnao enjoy kro.. ap log k headline k waje se bdnam hi krdiya.. not good bro..

  3. Expect people and culture, India is heaven. Now don't come here to create trouble as I said about the people and culture. I'm a Bangladeshi and I know how the indian subcontinent(ind,bang,pak) people are. So don't come here to defend. I'm not from Canada who came to india, sees new thing and says wow!! I'm from neighbouring country and everything is almost same color and customs. however naturally india is really heaven!

  4. Kutte ki tatti khaya kr pimple se rahat milega…ab tu sochega mujhe kaise pta …tho mai bta du ki maine khud try nai kiya h ….actually maine study kiya h so glt mt sochna ….sidha try kr

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