"In 8 months I was completely symptom-free" | Wim Hof Method Experience

We met Doug at the WHM Experience in San Francisco last year when we found out about his transformational life journey he’s had since he found the WHM.


  1. About Guilliain barre syndrome ,Most people eventually make a full recovery from Without any Wim Hof method , though can sometimes take a long time and around in 5 people get chronic problems although the VAST majority recover within one year without any treatment so this testimony is hardly miraculous!

  2. I love this. I am also a skeptic of everything which brings me to inquire about any other attributing factors to this man's outstanding condition and testimonial. Just curious if he, being an older man, is also receiving testosterone therapy?

  3. Modern Medicine = always playing catch up
    Doctors = think they know all the answers because they read a textbook but lots of them can’t even look after their own health.

  4. This dude must be a lost Mexican. The legends speak of them. Mexicans who are born into a different race. The dude is in his 60s and has an 11 year old daughter. He probably has a 10 year ild grandchild too. Lol. Viva Mexico.

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  6. I was in a coma for 6 days, had sepsis, paralyzed, on dialysis and spent 8weeks in the hospital then nursing home I had determination and Gods hand and I made it. That was eleven years ago

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  8. Good story. But it also involves having full control of your personal life, like diet, not having to go to a sh#tty job, having your own space and gym. Doing this thing alone while living in bad conditions won't do it alone.

  9. doctors dont want you to know this,… Ive been taking cold showers for over 2 month now started in November and I feel amazing! Never again a warm shower

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  11. I used to take cold showers in the military while in the field, Virginia during winter. Most guys would skip the shower and stay filthy for weeks or up to a month. I didn’t realize I was doing the Wim Hof method, I just hate being dirty…and I hated being in the military. If you don’t like being told what to do or waking up early, don’t join, or go into the Airforce, what I call Disneyland. Wim is beast, I can’t do that anymore.

  12. This is beautiful. I started doing WHM breathing about a month ago. I also might have lupus (I’ll see in a couple of days). Seeing these testimonials brings me hope that I can tackle this. Anyone else have/has lupus and has this method helped? I think it’s doing a good job for me so far, hope to fully recover

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