1. Auto flower seeds = cash cow.

    Can't take clones from, can't reveg again and can't get seeds from, EXACTLY what is the purpose of 'auto flower plants?', i have no idea why people buy these seeds.

  2. Super helpful man, thanks! I think I had the same problem and just did an up-pot. I just cut the original fabric pot and pulled the whole root ball/ original plant and soil out and put it in a new fabric pot! Hopefully, I didn't shock her too badly.

  3. i am really sorry bill but its long again. yes bill it was a good idea , of couse itll make some difference. This late in the game ,id say its a write off, i doubt itll recover enough. thats why its crucial NOT to make mistakes in the later stages lol. We all do sometimes Bill its either us ourselves or equipment failure or sickness even.Take myself as an example, I lost more plants this year than i had in my entire life combined , over 26yrs of indoor experience ,everyday of it on a grow site ! so dont sweat it bro…hey bill i have lots of drip equipment kicking around if ya need anything at all …. Ill have it most likely . i was happy to hear ya say you were thinking bout it, im mid way on settin up a 16-20 lighter as we speak and drips my fav system hands down ! so ive got more than what i need for this, Or if you prefer ill help ya get some equip to try it out new from down there ,i think youd love it personally. Ill leave it up to you but i was gonna send you those seeds and i waited to ask if you wanted to try any cbd auto fem. i picked up a bunch of tnsbs new "Elixir" its aprox (28:1 cbd to thc), id throw it in wit the C.O.P if ya wanna try it out..let me know bout drip equip too plz .ill see if i hear from ya by tomorrow at noon before i send it on to ya ok bud ,…Dont be shy i just need ya to tell me what it is you need .feel free to messenger me if its easier, even a call. whatever is easiest for ya.. i dont mind just let me know u messaged . i really love what your doing bill and you seem like an all round decent guy… i seriously enjoy your videos man , i love helping in growin with ppl who put the effort in ,its fun and i love it still. so we both win and your helpin people too so its awesome to be involved ! i just looked at your subscribers count man , hands down your a runaway snowball of success man !!! thats wonderful ,take care

  4. Bill, I'm brand new to growing so for what it's worth I've watched other people that have a good handle on growing run into problems like this and they brew a compost tea. Maybe that would help. Good luck

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