Welcome to HOW TO SMOKE WEED FROM A PIPE FOR BEGINNERS – The 5th Two Minute Tutorial by Cottonmouth Media. I made this video with the intention …


  1. My first time “blazing” was totally legal and I totally didn’t do it in a state where it isn’t legal plus I’m totally not underage, but with all that said I used what my friend called a “jb” it was a Gatorade bottle with holes in the bottom and a small socket in the cap, and then later that night I hit my friends pipe but I didn’t feel high, and btw this totally wasn’t the day before Halloween and also Halloween

  2. Using a Butane Lighter puts nothing but moisture into your lungs. Butane burns to form carbon dioxide and water vapor; when oxygen is limited, carbon (soot) or carbon monoxide may also be formed. Hemp Wick, more burning plant matter, what even wax is used regardless of it being %100 organic.
    And the whole point for me here was to see about using a tobacco pipe for tweed 🙁

  3. I'm awaiting my medical marijuana card from my state; I traveled yesterday to Nevada, where I tried to smoke from a pipe. I couldn't get the g–damned bowl to light. I didn't know about holding my thumb over the carb; gonna try again today…I need that card…my pre-qualification questionnaire said I definitely quality, but I have my appointment this week. After 38 years of abstention, I'm ready to get high again…been down so low too long…as Linda Ronstadt sang on her 1976 album…

  4. I'm currently on Ebay looking for a pipe and I'm lost. Some of them look like fucking torture devices man…I just need a simple one. I dont want to smoke tobacco with weed so I dont want to have it from joints. In the USA ppl dont really use tobacco in their joints do they? Its expensive here….plus it would be too strong for me if I didnt mix it a bit. But dont want the tobacco anymore

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