How To Prep and Change A Coil | Joyetech Exceed D19 Tutorial

How to change the coil in the Joyetech Exceed D19 Kit. In this video Alex breaks down the simple steps needed to prep and replace the coils in your exceed d19 …


  1. Have you tried to rebuild these coils?
    I mean, they're not RBAs, but i can't afford buying the coils very often, so… you think it's at least possible?
    Thx for your answer :).

  2. Hi, i bought it and vaping with the coil 1.2.
    Do i have to use only 50/50 liquid or can i also use 60/40?
    I would like to vape with a bit more gv (but cannot vape with the 0.5 coil because of problems with my throat)

  3. Hey man, when you change your liquid to another flavor do you have to soak the coils with the new flavor again or only when you use the vape for the first time

  4. Not much help to me…….The coil is stuck and I can't get it out. I think something is stripped. This is the first time changing and I'm about to buy a pack of smokes because I"m so frustrated…..Grrrrrrrr….Can you do a video for those who run into snags like this one. I need tips on how to get the coil out. I got the top off but the coil won't come with it….Suggestions? I can't get the glass off either to get at the coil. My nerves!

  5. I've bought this kit 2 weeks ago. When bought, I did everything exactly as you've shown in the video. Then the first time I went refilling the tank, it started gurgling, so I took paper towl and removed excess liquid. It didn't effect it at all, still gurgled and spit a bit of liquid in mouth.
    I changed coil 3 times so far and tried priming it differently, but every time it seems to have a problem. For example, currently, it's producing much less vapor and it tastes very very weird.
    This made me go back to cigarettes, which I very much dislike.
    So please, can you tell what is the issue, or do you have any tips on making this thing work properly?
    Thank you
    (cool tattoos by the way xd)

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