1. How many mL does it take to get high with the amount of grams u used. Cuz ive seen other videos were people throw a hole bottle of thc syrup in and i just wanna know how much u pour in 1 drink?

  2. Just for a tip replace the vegetable glycerin with everclear make sure it’s above 90% then add the decarbed flower to a separate cup and add in the ever clear and mix it, let it sit for 30 min THEN add it to the water with the sugar in stuff

  3. I recently learned how to make weed simple syrup and love it! I don't drink booze but am VERY 420 friendly. I make a lighter syrup (less grams of flower) and put a TON of it in homemade lemonade. Very nice to sip it thought a hot summer day! Doesn't get me super stoned (I have a high tolerance), just pleasantly buzzed and very relaxed.

  4. for anyone wondering about the mg:
    It depends on the THC% of your cannabis. Say your cannabis is 20% THC, that means 20% of the weight will be made of THC. so if you have five grams of 20% thc cannabis, you will have 1 gram of THC, or 1000mg. To find out the MG per ML of syrup, divide the MG by the ML of syrup (in example: 1000mg of THC inside 2000 ml of syrup will give you 0.5 mg of THC per ML).

  5. Best thing is to know the potency too so you can measure the milligrams. 20% thc would be 200 mg per gram. Last thing you wanna do is take more than you can handle. But you also lose 50% potency which has to be accounted for during the process. It's healthier with a different effect, the drinks definitely hit quick compared to foods.

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