1. I gave you a like and I subscribed today. Very informative. I think your method is very low stress. Keeping the canopy even is superb.

    My only thought was why didn’t you lollipop and remove bottom leaves?

    This is my first grow. I am nervous about bending but Your method looks as gentle as could be. I’m definitely going to try it. Thanks, Joni truth

  2. ENT,,,,,,, IS ph up and ph down HUGELY important in organic soil growing ? ex: Ocean farm soil has all the nutrients . im in week 1 of veg stage and I am starting too spray gently with Kelp liquid 1ml too 1ltr and mix and stray top of soil and leaves once every 4/5 days but my ph is about 7 , 7.5… should i shift too 6.0 to 6.8ph. the plant is doing good….

  3. Hey man I have a 48x48x80 grow tent my light only covers 1.5×1.5ft for flowering and 2x2ft for veg would that be good for 2 autoflowers in 3gal pots? Please reply need help 600w led maxisun

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