1. Experience natural trees . I live in northern California about 70 miles from Mendocino county . What would you say would be the latest I would be ok to put more clones outside?

  2. Hey there! Excellent info! Specially for a first time grower here. This is my second attempt at growing only one plant, sort of practicing during winter so I can be ready and a bit more experienced when summer hits (Costa Rica btw so lots of rain at the time). Anyway, I have a big issue cause, just as you for you, spider mites have appeared mid flowering… Check it out:

    Top right of the plant:

    I hope not all hope is lost yet:

    As you mention, I think chemicals are no longer an option due to we're she's at with her flowering… What do you think? Is this salvageable? I've increased the airflow and done a manual cleaning of every leaf. I'll also move her to another room and spray the current one. Your advice would be amazing!

  3. Experience Natural Trees , Do you have any Experience Growing Autoflowers or do you only do Photo Period Plants ? Asking cause I am a New Grower with very little experience and my first Autoflower grow completely failed to grow any Buds at all. Now I am about to be getting 3 New Autoflower Seeds of Hindu Kush and I want this Grow to be Successful. Now with Hindu Kush Autoflowers they say it can be Grown Indoors or Outdoors and I live in North Carolina now where over the Summer Months it is usually Hot and Humid Out on a daily basis. Typically anywhere from 85 – 95 Degrees Outside. So I was wondering if you think it will be safe to Grow my Autoflowers Outdoors in those Temperatures or not ? Or if I am gonna Grow them Outdoors should I plant them directly in to the Ground in a Hole with Soil or should I plant them in a 3 Gallon Pot and leave them Outdoors ? I know Growing Indoors is probably the safest option but do to other people I live with in my house I can't really have them Inside with me which is why I'm saying I kinda have no choice but to have them Outside. Any Feedback and Help is much Appreciated. Thanks !!

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