How To Grow Marijuana: A Beginner's Guide – EP 2. Buying Your Stuff

One of the basic and most crucial steps in setting up a cannabis garden is buying the necessary equipment for creating an optimal environment for the plants.


  1. One of the most important things is an extractor fan with a carbon filter, why didn't you mention that? You were just covering a sealed room environment which is not your beginners first choice.

  2. Tnx,for this pro vid……right to the good stuff…..can't wait to start my own room….!😯..this gives me info without asking anyone…… cool…… small outdoor grow is on its way know!….pat.

  3. I agree with The Indica Charmer, I'm based outta Barcelona, Spain and with the excellent natural growing conditions we have with tons of sunlight and humidity, it doesn't have to be so hard. Less = more, why spend so much 💲 if you don't have to 🤙

  4. I love Kyle Kushman and his techniques, but $2500 to start a grow?? 😳 Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, A/C units in the tent, Vapor pressure deficit, CO2?? 🤔 Huh??? Making beginners think that they need all of this equipment for success only adds to frustration and failure rates for first-time growers. Not to mention another variable for beginners to blame their lack of success on.

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