1. I hope everyone enjoyed this video and it was able to help you on the first step of your grow! How ever, I have done a remake of this video now, and that updated video on seed germination can be found here: https://youtu.be/dbA-PJo01BU – Cheers everyone and if you haven't heard it already I hope you have an awesome day 🙏💚👊

  2. Just planted my seed and accidentally cracked the tip of the tap root 😱. I saw some forums where they say its a 50/50 im bummed out. But quickly covered it in soil and watered it. I'm not giving up on my 1st seedling!!!!

  3. I just put my seeds straight into the moist medium with a see through plastic cup placed on top to create humidity, few days later it breaks through and the first set of leaves appear.

  4. What soil do I buy and what type of pot and could I put the pot in my back yard and is it okay if the sun gets to it when they grow or just keep them in my room water them and leave the window open for sun shine

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