1. Your growing the world's most expensive weed! I've been growing marijuana for years and I've never needed that much nutrients!! Your steps are spot on but your buying into the nutrients game is where you need help!

  2. I've been studying growing for the past few months,bought lights,a tent.etc.i have everything ready to go ,but can't start until the beginning of Dec.watering/nutes is the last bit of education I need(of course I will continue to educate myself)to hopefully have a successful first crop.wish me luck!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Im new to growing, but I've done a considerable amount of research. As an observation, when I take care of my swimming pool, I sometimes add too much acid and the Ph bottoms out. To bring it back up naturally I use aeration. Tip 1. Aerating your water will raise the Ph. No chemicals needed, just time. Also, I think your step to aerate your water for a day is unnecessary. For example, you are on well water, so there is no chlorine, unlike treated city water. Chlorine will burn off very quickly in an entire swimming pool, so that is no concern in a 5 gal jug. What you may be experiencing though, since your Ph was still low even after aerating for a day is low Total Alkalinity which is the buffer for Ph. You have to adjust the TA before you adjust the Ph. I know I'm mixing swimming pool care and growing, but I believe water chemistry should be the same. Maybe I'm overthinking it. Who knows?

  4. Great video. Thanks for not alot of silly, stoney rambling!I have been told certain soils like Fox Farm Ocean Forest have enough nutrients in the soil that you don'y need to give them nutrients until maybe Flower. Your thoughts

  5. How do I know when to Stop giving Nutrients and start Flushing if my Autoflower is taking Longer than Suggested by Seed Bank ? Growers Choice Seeds said around 8 Weeks meanwhile I'm on Week 13 now and have still been giving Nutes. Trichomes are Milky White now assuming they're about to start turning Amber. Should I Not give anymore Nutes as of Now and start Flushing ?

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