How I Brought Cannabis From the U.S. to Europe.

I made this video of how I brought cannabis from the U.S. to our home in Spain. I do not recommend traveling internationally with any drug even cannabis. I bring …


  1. Any tips for bringing flower from Cali (via CBX Tijuana airport) to Guadalajara, Mexico? Wanted to bring a few grams in my checked baggage, but not sure what the max should be, and how strict the Guadalajara airport is (I’d also cross through CBX and fly from TJ… sometimes the US agents check you when going into Mexico, Mexico side also checks the checked bags, though randomly).

  2. I’m traveling to Peru in a few weeks and I wanted to know how can I bring my small pre-roll joints through customs? Currently I have about 15-18 small joints pre-rolled and placed in a cigarette like box where they fit perfectly. I brung the pre-rolls and a bit of flower Through TSA but now I’m traveling international and can’t decide if I should place it in my check in or carry on? Remember the weed is pre-rolled into small joints

  3. Holy shit dude you’re a legend for uploading this video! Thank you for this! I’m going to try this, I’m flying out of the U.S to go to Dubai next month, can’t lie I’m scared but I’m taking this risk idc I need my medicine, wish me luck !

  4. I’m traveling to Mexico and my tio said he has a battery waiting for me there. But I just need to bring a cart. I don’t feel comfortable just bringing the cart up abs throwing it in the bin so can I just throw it into my back pack like nothing?

  5. i’m planning to leave this week from las vegas to cancun but on our way to cancun we have to stop at houston texas to get on our next/other plane what is the best way to bring my pen and cart with me ?

  6. Hey man, im going to Cancun from LA in a few months. Will be there for 7 days with a few friends. Any advice on bringing flower? I was looking to bring 21g just under an ounce.

    Or is it best to bring a rig/torch/wax? Or just pens. I have it all, just wanna lessen the risk. Thanks!

  7. I’m going to Cancun in October i was wanting to take my puffco peak and puffco plus pen with a couple grams of concentrate how could i do this? I’d be flying from Phoenix to Cancun

  8. Any idea how I can bring stuff to Vietnam? When I bought a lighter in Vietnam I put it on the checked luggage and they stopped me and asked me about it and I showed them it and they threw it away.

  9. What you think about flying from Canada to Italy?

    I was thinking to bring like 5-10g of shatter that I was thinking to put in a empty lip balm, and a couple of carts,

    I was thinking to put the pens w my vape stuff in the backback, and the lip balm w the toiletry bag in the checked, but I've read that is better keeping always yo shit on you, what do u think bout it?

    Or if have any other idea lmk

  10. Hey I’m going to go on a flight from London Heathrow to the states . I was thinking of bringing a small amount like 5g of weed and putting it in my makeup bag and hiding it of course . I don’t have a vacuum thing or whatever u guys call it🤣🤣 but if I wrap it with a lot of cling film, would you think I’ll get caught?

  11. I’ve got around 5G of gorilla Kush, do you think it’s safer to stuff it inside the cigarette and take it with carry on? (take out all the tobaccos from cigarettes and fill it with cannabis)

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