1. What you are saying have sense to me, I'm ADHD and gifted, I smoke Marijuana on a daily basis since I'm 20 years old, it helped me stop alcohol abuse and being a punk not caring about anything. Now I'm 32, I take methylphenidate daily 72mg, smoke pot at the evening (with tabaco) 0.3-0.4 g weed per joint maybe 8-13 % THC (at least 2 joints) weed help me calm down my thoughts ( I now it would be better to control them without any drug) and drink at least one IPA beer (11° I think) I don't eat crap (I eat mediteranean the most of the time and water all day long, just 1or 2 beers at the evening) , a feew days ago I had a psycho episode I never ever had before (never taked psychedelics) when smoking to strong pot + physical fatigue + mental fatigue + méthylphénidate + alcohol , I felt like my mind was wandering out of controll, but not like tipycal ADHD day, really out of control, at one point I felt like if I don't concentrate on something simple (I choose to concetrate on drinking water) my mind would just fly away and never come back , the direction was 45° forward, 45° upwards and 45° to the right like where you look when you think hard when talking to someone (sometimes) I was reeeaaaallly afraid like I never been before. You just put words on this, I'm in a phase where I search myself again, but at a spiritual level. I would like to take DMT to encounter what all good trip people encounter and kill my ego, just one time, but I'm so much afraid of a bad trip. I think I will never do it, I will try meditation, I want to try it since several years now but struggle to start and stick to it.
    +I know it is probably better to not take pot at all, but in answer to a comment you talk about 10-38% thc ? can I smoke 3 to 9% THC without hurting my soul ? And isn't it the amount of THC you take that is important, If i smoke a 10g weed joint at 8% THC , I take more THC than if I smoke 0.5g weed joint at 13% THC ,what I love the most bout this plant are the terpenes and effect from thoses terpenes , I dream of 1-8% THC weed full of tatse.
    Have you some advice for me ?

  2. So I know you are talking about drugs . Does this relate to marijuana? I’ve used psychedelics and I definitely feel like I’m in another energy realm so to speak lol but when I smoke weed it is not that way ? I would love to get your insight on this (:

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