Homeless Woman Denies Adult Children’s Claim That She Has A Mental Health Disorder

A homeless woman whose adult children claim she has a mental health disorder denies it and explains why she quit her job and left her apartment to live in her …


  1. I worked in this field my whole life, and one thing that is definitely a fact from my point of view is that some people go throughout their lives living getting through they're the most amazing people you've ever met Loving thoughtful considerate and then sometimes it takes one event, only one, whatever it is a death divorce break up seeing something traumatic, etc. and they change. I've seen it happen firsthand to clients and to family members and to friends, his sunburn analogy is spot-on.

  2. Honestly dr phil no offence but your thought , opinion and theory on this poor womans dygnosis is way off . You probably never experienced a fall or breakdown which is completely understandable but trying to say she has a conspiracy makes no sense, it called life throwing you lemons and instead of trying to attack her with a illness maybe you your team or even her children should help her get back on her feet . It's just life dr.phil no conspiracy theories here ..people struggle and go through things and bad things most of us arent that fortunate . Help the woman she obviously has education and is just going through a hard time lend a hand and god will continue to bless you ..dont be quick to judge or try to diagnose same with her kids open your doors and help her dont understand how you can just watch her and let her live in her car shameful 😔😠.fyi everyone is important to someone so to say that she isnt definitely isnt self esteem booster and as a dr you should always be supportive and giving positive feedback and affirmations so an epic fail on your part just wondering where you got your diploma? 🤔

  3. Who is he to say how important she is ? Dr. Phil you or your family are not a celebrities in God's eyes either you and your self righteous wrong scripture counterfeiting self are just like any other creation of the most high.

  4. As relatives with dementia. This is the very very early stages. I think. Out of nowhere my relatives thought paramedics were faking helping her so they could steal her rings. And we were like.. What.. You broke your leg and you are wearing your rings.

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