Growing Legal Cannabis in Optic Led Indoor Gardens

teamoptic Slim 600H – Vertical Farming LED Grow Light – – 600w on max Power – Flowers 4×4 or 5×5 area (1.2m or 1.5m tent) …


  1. Oh Heck Yeah Brothaman! There ain't No Slacking with that Slim600 Lol Your Grows are Beautiful Beasties and looking Might Green! Optics makes the Treez look so Beautiful! I make my own Co2 Generators with a Bottle to start with, a Cup of Granulated Sugar, a Cup of Hot Water and a Packet of Fleischmann's ActiveDry Original Yeast from Wal-Mart! Shaken Not Stirred! Lol Go Team #Optics Cheers! Much Props and Much Love!💯💡🌱🌲🌳🔥🎆🎉🍻💚💪👊✊🤘👍✌

  2. same here, after transplanting a perfect cube of 1 gal into 5 gal, not root bound, and your correct…when using dry amendments they dont need a few weeks to adjust. If the soil is ready and waiting with good nutes already in it, all we need do is water and they seriously take off running. Only difference, Im hunting.

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