1. Lol …I had stayed 3 whole week s there only for da party!! Was so much fun there…. just party party party all the time. One of my greatest memories ever 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  2. that hand single also means marijuana here in Australia too your hand is the bong your thumb is part where your take your toke from and your pinky finger is your cone pieces where you put your weed

  3. EPIC as usual man! Keep’em coming those wild and fun videos! Can’t wait to get back there! How long will you stay in LOS mate? We’d definitely have to party together man!

  4. A man that gets more smiley and happy the more drunk he gets, shows he’s of good nature…

    A man that films a blonde birds arse while getting a piggy back, is what legends are made of 😂😂😂

    Another belter vid mate lol.

  5. Keep the videos coming!! I'll be visiting soon for a few months! Really appreciate the insight and videos of different adventures you go on. Maybe we can party together one day!

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