Full Spectrum 1500mg CBD oil from Monrow Hemp Company

This is my review of the full spectrum 1500 mg CBD tincture from Monrow Hemp Company. If you are under 18 please leave my channel! CBD is legal in all 50 …


  1. You should review Appalachian Standard! Theyโ€™re a family owned farm in North Carolina and they have a lot of great products. @fiddyshadesofgreen on tiktok and @appstandard on Instagram.

  2. Try the hemplucid 1500 dr. Ganja got the s***on sale for $100the vendor personally sells them for 120 and they charge for shipping he don't charge you nothing free shipping all day

  3. Hey brother I purchase some CBD OIL from this website called plant therapy I purchase 1 bottle and they charge me with 5 bottles that cost $430 dollars , is there a legit website or place that sells CBD OILS THC FREE , meaning no THC , it just ruin my whole day

  4. What up gang. I just bought some full spectrum cbd isolates crystals. 1 gram for 20 bucks. All you need is a dropper container "about 2 bucks" then add 1 ounce of mct oil and put the isolates in. Bam there it is 22 dollar homemade 1000 mg tincture. Your welcome. Cheers

  5. and tell the cbd % nd all the info on the packaging fyi. ppl like me in remission of cancer and ppl with cancer and other illnesses would most likely want to know. my cbd is 22-24% cbd and i got a few different strains

  6. you need to take about 33-66mgs a day orally (Pause) regardless of how much u smoke ya dig what iโ€™m saying on top of what and how much u smoke and make sure u eat a lil something before works best for me or u can eat something after u have to see what works best but try eating first then taking the oil and let it sit in there for five to ten min. TEN MIN WOULD BE THE BEST i do one maintenance does after i eat if i forget to take it as soon as i wake up. Thatโ€™s how i try to take it then eat me some wheat toast or something similar fast and easy. I like smoking cbd better because the onset is instant and feels like a good body high that doesnโ€™t have the head high that could make a persons anxiety get worse and go into an attack lol. the cbd works best and cannabis to if u mix half cannabis and half cbd hemp in a jay fyi if u use both try it if u havenโ€™t. but i smoke cbd as soon as i wake up now. iโ€™m trying the smoking a jay of pure cbd hemp asap when i wake for the day instead of actually taking the cbd oil.

  7. u should talk to the company iโ€™m in remission of cancer and have very bad health still and they should give me a couple months of product for free so i can give a good testimony for the products if it trully helps i wonโ€™t lie

  8. Is it full spectrum with 1500mg of CBD or 1500mg of all combined cannabinoids and terps? I do want to get more from Monrow though. I saw an interview of the owner/farmer on YT that made me respect his mission in growing hemp a lot. Iโ€™ll try to find it for you tomorrow if you want. I personally think CBD orally is far better in a medicinal sense than vaping CBD laden hemp flower. Both are good, but if I could only have one it would be orally for the benefits. Itโ€™s longer lasting for me too like taking an actual pharmaceutical medicine pill.

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