Five leave wellness has a variety of CBD products from Cannidips to edibles. All of their product is tested and meets federal compliance. You can check them out …


  1. Love your reviews man, Honest and the best is the big Bong at the beginning!
    you won my subscription!
    Can you do some review? I really like their flowers (banana kush is very good) but would love to have a pro to try them 🙂 and I know they have a free affiliate program, so you can make commission 🙂
    keep on the good work man!

  2. If you took smaller tokes and actually held the smoke in your lungs for several seconds you could get the same effects on a fraction of the weed and cause less damage to your lungs. The vaping generation doesn't know how to smoke! LMAO They just create huge clouds of smoke that they don't hold in long enough to absorb the active ingredient! You are blowing out tons of unabsorbed product. Smoke looks different when you hold it in longer because most of it is absorbed.

  3. Bout time somebody gave an honest review of this shit. All the cbd reviewers be all like oh it taste like gas taste dank taste awesome lol naw you're selling your soul for a bag of hay.

  4. Rolling is different when it comes to cbd bongs are more for skunk flowers with the bong ur maybe getting about 5% of that cbd the rest is sitting in the water after trying the different ways u get ur money’s worth if you’d use dry bowl or even some papers

  5. Good vid SD420, thank you…I have overall pain from work history which I battling. I called their 432-681-3595 number and it is disconnected, have they gone out of business? I'd like to try their products here in PA. Anyone's helpful response is also welcome, thanks and God Bless

  6. HOW TO BECOME A LEGAL CANNABIS PATIENT IN ALL 50 STATES YES, EVEN IN GEORGIA!!! The first thing you will need to do is to set up an appointment with a licensed California Telemedicine doctor. I’ve used for the past 3 years and am very happy with their service. Your doctor visit will be via FaceTime through your phone. To do this you will turn off your location services and choose California as your state. The Telemedicine law from the Affordable Care Act allows you to legally travel through your phone to California to see your doctor so you can get your recommendation. Once you have a doctor recommendation you will need to join a Medical Cannabis Collective to procure your medicine. is a California based 501C-3 Mutual Benefit Collective that will provide your medicine of choice and have it delivered directly to the safety of your home. How is this legal? operates in strict compliance using existing laws including, but not limited to, the Affordable Care Act, Telemedicine Law, The 1996 Compassionate Use Act, Article 6 and Article 4 of the United States Constitution. The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 is a piece of California legislation that allows ANYONE to become a licensed California Medical Cannabis patient. This piece of legislation also allows any California Medical Cannabis patient to join a California Medical Cannabis Collective. Article 4 of the United States Constitution allows you to be a California Medical Cannabis patient regardless of the State you live in, and your State must Reciprocate the Rights and Privileges of the Judicial proceedings of California. Article 6 of the United States Constitution CLEARLY states that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and that the Judges in Every State Shall Be Bound thereby. Once you have read and understand these laws simply go to and hit the Become a Member tab. There are 4 different ways to join. Once you’ve chosen your membership type, you will be directed to the CannaSense Sponsorship Form. You will then need to enter Member #1056 as your sponsor in the first 2 lines of this form. Next, fill out your personal information in the appropriate fields. In the Proof of Eligibility section, you will simply attach your doctor recommendation and a picture of your current government identification. Then you simply submit your form. Once CannaSense has processed your information you will be notified via email. This typically takes less than 24 hours. When you have successfully become a member of the collective, you will be given access to the CannaSense Apothecary. Here you will have access to the medicine of your choice. The Medicine you choose will arrive discretely in just a few days. Always Keep Any Medicine Away From Children! And remember, as long as you are responsibly using or in possession of your medicine and come under scrutiny of law enforcement, the CannaSense Legal Defense Fund is ready to pay for your legal expenses as well as assist your defense attorney with successful case law. Study the Laws that make this possible so you can educate others on how to legally gain access to this natural medicine. All of the resources you will need are at Simply Get Your Recommendation, Join CannaSense, Get your Medicine and Get Well.

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