First Year OF LEGAL Cannabis Growing! Canada! (Part Two)

My First Year of growing cannabis. Getting my plants ready for there last few weeks in the ground. Still cannot get over how well I have done in my first year.


  1. Congrats on your journey. I have 2 bits of advice for you based on things you said at the start of your video; 1. the lower branches should have been trimmed off much earlier during the veg period of your grow. A week before you put your plants in the ground, trim off all of the lower branches (it's called lollipopping) and give it the week to recover (in all honesty they probably won't show any signs of stress at all, but it's good to do stressful things, like transplanting and cropping, with some recovery period in between). The problem isn't that it's dirty, rather, that the plant is more accessible to bugs and microbes that don't otherwise have the ability to climb up the stem and get to the good stuff growing on the branches. If you follow this advice be careful not to remove too much plant matter when your plants are small. If they are going in the ground when they are less than a foot tall, or have been growing in the ground from seedling, just take off the lowest branch, then as she gets taller take off the next one up until you have at least a foot or more of stem without branches. Check your plants after it rains or after you water them – if a branch is being splashed with water that hit the ground, then those are the branches you need to trim as soon as the plant is big enough to handle a few missing branches. 2. You were right to defoliate, but not for the reason you quoted. A plant needs those leaves to photosynthesize, and the more leaves you have the better it converts sunlight into energy (and the more nutrient your plant will use – that's a good thing). There are other factors that affect our grow though, like humidity and wind/air movement. By removing leaves when your plant gets really bushy, you are facilitating airflow which helps move transpired water vapour and Oxygen away from your plant (moist air or condensation makes your plant susceptible to mold), and at the same time replaces that air with fresh CO2 to breathe and drier air. You will need to find a balance between these two; lots of leaves for photosynthesis, and fewer leaves to promote airflow. Fortunately, the leaves that receive the least sunlight are close to the stem and those are the areas that need better airflow anyway, so it's easy to figure out which leaves should be removed when defoliating. Consider keeping an eye on this area early in your grow, as your plant vegetates. You can keep the insides of your plant clean by pinching off growth that forms at the bottoms of your branches near the stem before they flower.

  2. looks good man. Just a little bit like you dont have a clue what you are doing but I am sure you will do better this year. Just do some research and almost everything explains itself kind of

  3. keep your branches and leaves off the ground and try using bamboo sticks or tomato cages to spread them out so more of the plant gets sun you can also shape them the way you want by pruning or topping which stops vertical growth and encourages horizontal bushing which will increase your yield overall. based off of the color of your leaves which is very green id maybe even cut out some of the all purpose fertilizer either you added too much or the ground you planted in had plenty to start, by harvest your plants should be yellowing and browning like the leaves do outside in the fall. if cheap and dirty is the only way get you some of that miracle grow shake and feed for tomato's its like 10-15-10 and says its made with organic materials which idk the validity of that but it works better then your average 10-10-10 or 15-15-15 unless you have a bunch of compost and earthworm castings bone meal and that kinda stuff and you dont wanna spend hundreds on bottled nutrients then thats what iv had success with in the past but if you go the route of using the miracle grow as i suggested use a little less then they recommend on the shaker and it says it feeds for 3 full months and in my experience it is as advertised so give it to the plants not to early and not too late id say wait until they are around 8 inches tall like early veg not seedling stage and plan to harvest within 3 months if the grow goes longer lets say its a six month grow then yes you can re apply but again base how much you wanna cut that by when you think your first frost will be and you should do great in my opinion anyway, this is all just my opinion and what had worked for me im currently on my 4th grow and my plants are nowhere perfect but iv been consistently doubling my end weight every time i grow and iv never killed my plants well i did kill one but i dropped a fan on it lmao

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