1. Don't know their culture (ppl from India or wherever her family are from…), but maybe, if her son already had a fatal disease, she felt he had speeded up the process, or maybe she just forgave him, or just didn't want to be vindictive…🤔

  2. W/no damage save a mirror which is designed to bend/break/get shifted in the first place done to the car PLUS we were in the car and I saw no sign of impact (giggled cameras etc.), I would have to guess that either the kid fell or there may be some other explanation… BUT the movie isn't over yet… there is the last 20 minutes. The other cop really is acting like all he wants to do is get into the lil boy's mom's pants.

  3. Understand what exactly happened. The boy is about 7years old, alone, and not walking safely. The guy hits him, but had he went down for the accident, it would have been a DWI. He probably would have loss his job and got a suspended sentence and license with a good lawyer. But everyone is willing to cover up. I say take it and give to charity for the rest of you life

  4. This movie could have been much better without the cultural moralizing distraction. It's why I quit Netflix. Politics nonstop everywhere. Always the same agenda. Who's pushing it? Ironic how the theme is no one is perfect and the hard compromises we all have to make in life.

  5. Which is more impressive: the author-star intended the mother's negligence, a child playing in the street at 4AM, as the shared imperfection with all the characters, making forgiveness necessary, or, the participants realized this subtle inference as they told the story, knowing most of the audience would miss it? Either way, leaving this unstated is a compliment to the viewers' intelligence.

  6. Is it me a slave snapping out of the television programming system but arent all these so called new movies are pretty much all the same now a days do any yall see what i see ?

  7. I like this guy as an actor but he just needs to stand out more, he's forgettable. Which is a shame because like I said he is talented but I can't remember his name, he looks like 5 or 6other actors that I can't remember there names and also?????
    Ummm, ahhh I forgot what I was saying,
    Ohhh yeah, how about this weather 1 1/2 feet of snow in Manhattan tomorrow, crazy. There was something else but I can't remember. Guess it's not important.

    Coooool jazzzz 101.9 we're kenny g ,gets his weewee sucked by the VJ. And disc jockeys. Anyway so I heard 3 different accents here anyone know where this takes place ?

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