Drug expert Barry Cooper talks about the benefits of Ibogaine for drug addiction treatment

Drug expert Barry Cooper talks about the benefits of Ibogaine for drug addiction treatment and recovery. You may hire Barry Cooper as your criminal defense …


  1. If you have specific underlying health conditions then a flood dose of ibogaine can be fatal. The problem with living in many countries like the UK and USA is that these plants are not studied properly and no one is offering a safe/legal/medical space to take them.

    There is also the option of micro dosing with ibogaine. This is far safer for the lay man and can also be used to top up after a flood dose.

    I wish our governments weren't so corrupt and pig headed. This wonderful plant has so much to offer. It's nonsensical.

    However if the USA was to ever to relent regarding ibogaine, you know drug companies would synthesise the active compound and price it out of most people's range whilst simultaneously pushing legal addictive medication. America would still have the same problems because there would be no genuine intent to use the plant in it's whole form to help anyone, just make money.

  2. Mr Barry Cooper just wondering if you're okay where do you acquire ibogaine also have you heard anything about the Ebola outbreak in Mexico and also LAX there covering it up you need to get home brother there's some serious things going on

  3. Since I started taking the Mother Mushroom and Ayahuashca shamanic ceremonies, I have not touched alcohol in more than a year. Since I took my first magic mushroom ceremony with a shaman two summers ago, I have realized what these buzzing sensation in my abdomen that has been lasting for 6 years, why I gradually lost interest in alcohol….
    My Kundalini has been on the rise since 2011 – with a full awakening – assisted by Mother Mushroom – with the 'normal' blockages, pains, and a renewed perspective of what is real and what is not.

    Have not touched the stuff since before my first and only ayahuashca ceremony last March.
    Now, I am having a jolly time with my prescription of medical cannabis – which I pick up legally in Netherlands as often as I can and bring it back to Norway – legally.
    Thank you for the courage you have given people – veterans like myself the courage to stand up for what is right in the face of an insane paradigm of Prohibition.

  4. I wish you were still setting up american cops. You were like the biggest hero with balls of steel to me, especially with that sting you did to help free Yolanda, with the pine tree grow house.

  5. LoL. This cop-hating drug pusher is still trying to peddle his bogus product. Dude, I'm sure McDonald's has a shift or two for you to pick up if you are needing the cash that bad to fuel your drug addiction.

  6. Berry please look into sula benet. In 1936 she desovered cannabis was the main ingredient to the holy anointing oil that moses eas said to preach under and that the first greek translation miss translated it. She wrote a few peer reviewed papers about it. Funny how one year later us gov made cannabis illegal. Also funny is the fact i have a nytime article from 1999 and peer reviewed papers proving the us gov gave 30 million to develope a fingi to destroy cannabis to be used on american soil. Now 20 years later us davis does a investigation and finds most "MEDICAL MARIJUANA" IS DANGEROUS BECAUSE OOF FUNGI. this plant has a long history . message me for links

  7. hi, i have a sweat wipe drug test next week monday. i quit last weekend. how long do i have to be clean for this test. there is no info on the web for this test ?

  8. I've been on suboxone for three years do to pain pill addiction and it's bullshit I had to quit smoking pot the one thing I love because my dr wouldn't give me the meds for my back anyhow he retired and my new DR said no more medicine from that point it turned into addiction anyhow I'm going to try kratom and smoking the stuff I love cannabis and I'm going to kick this government hack drug suboxone!

  9. I have been taking Lyrica for 3 years for pain from Lyme disease. I don't get high, I use it for pain. I am finally getting treatment for my Lyme disease. The majority of the Doctors didn't know how to treat Lyme disease .. A Nerologist prescribed Lyrica. I thought it was safe. I've never done any drugs.
    Now after three years Im finally being treated for Lyme. I told the Doctor I didn't want to take Lyrica. I figured it was hiding my pain. I needed to know how much my Lyme had progressed .To my surprise, I started having the most terrible withdrawels. I didn't realize it was withdrawels, I thought my Lyme disease had gotten worse. I figured Lyrica was masking the pain. Now I know. It's withdrawals from Lyrica. I am trying to step down but the Doctor stepped me down 25%., so I'm going into withdrawel every single day. I need help with the physical withdrawal. I don't have any cravings. It's the physical withdrawal. I'm in a weakened state as it is from Lyme disease. Please Please respond to me.
    Thank you Wendy

  10. Finally got my medical cannabis from Holland last month,. Done the mushroom therapy.. the ayahuashka ceremony, and the therapeutic LSD/Changa journey… And now… No more worrying about getting busted by moronic Norwegian cops who still live with the 80's Miami Vice mentality…busting adult's doors open at any time they feel like it because of the smell of smelly grass.
    Now, I can politely tell them to piss off…
    Let the Liberty Haze ring..
    And Barry is right. Courage is contageous..

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