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  2. I read Dr. Sebi approved of: walnuts, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, chestnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds? Not all nuts & seeds of clearly is that true?

  3. The romaine cabbage ( I think that’s the name) the way it looks .. it’s a fractal just like many natural plants. It looks like a really different broccoli. I wonder if he would approve…

  4. My friend every veggie n fruit n nuts were created by God Almighty. When he created them all he says it was very good. Each of these herbs n fruits n veggies are unique in their own respective way. Is only you to discover those uniqueness. Who is man to say what is good and what is bad. Do not condemn nor reject what God made. Man is not God.

  5. I'm sorry that this man died!!! BUT TO BE HONEST most of this shit he "" CLAIMS " is base less crap!! The only thing I agree with is broccoli is a hybrid . !! I dont care haters I'll say it. Everyday there is going to be another "false" god popping outa the wood work claiming he knows best .. PPL just live ur life as honest n best u can . I've ur going to believe in something!! Then do ur dam research !!!

  6. He said no almond milk not no almonds. Also great healer edgar cayce said 1 almond a day can prevent the formation of all cancer. However taking it after getting cancer is not a cure. I will listen to edgar cayce on almonds as his remedies fixed me multiple times.

  7. The truth can’t be ignored any longer. Through our diet is how we get all these diseases. They had to silence Dr. Sebi because he was curing people holistically, and you know that’s a big issue for the government.

  8. For everyone saying he said cauliflower has no carbon HE SAID Chlorophyll not carbon wtf yu think he said “thats why it’s white” as in it’s not GREEN ! Not real

  9. Can someone explain to me how he gets to the conclusion that only walnuts are good, and no other nuts? What about Hazelnuts? Cashews? Brazilian nuts? I don‘t get it. Is this man talking Bullshit? Where is the evidence and proof? Or is everyone just following him blind.

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  11. Bro apricot seeds are loaded w b17 many natural seeds have cyanide this dude learned from a herbalist in Mexico got healed and started his own thing but it’s 50/50 for real

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