1. Can someone check my math for me, because this doesn't seem right to me.
    I've got 2 grams of bud that's 18% THC and I want to make oil into 10 mg capsules.
    2 grams of bud = 2000 mg at 18% is 360 mg of THC
    That means 36 10 mg capsules. 1 teaspoon of oil will fill about 7 size 0 caps. So 5 teaspoons for 35 caps (35 just for the round number).
    Does that mean my 2 grams of bud infused into 5 teaspoons of oil and then split into the 35ish caps will make get me 10 mg caps? It just doesn't seem right to me that I can make 35 "average doses" with like $25 worth of ingredients. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. I can appreciate videos in any language available but when they're description is written in English and the video itself is in other language how can you give it anything but a horrible rating?

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