1. Went to The Healing Center in Monroeville today (only dispensary I've ever been to since getting my card in June) with $56 to spend till payday in 2 days, but based on their concentrate menu, I expected to only be able to afford a $50 Moxie half G, but due to something I have no idea about, they had several of this left and the Sour Tangie, but never put them back on the menu. I was so excited, totally bought it and now I'm super geeked to try it!

  2. Dayum BIG clouds! I was lovin the Rocket Fuel wax by Cresco after work today, is very good and I am glad I bought 2 gs of it. Same goes for the OG18, they are both unimpressive to look at. But great effects, smooth hits, and 55/g

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