David Crosby Answers Your Questions on Oral Sex, Grieving for a Child and Smoking Weed

In this newest chapter, Croz fields questions from a woman frustrated with her with a sexual imbalance in her marriage, a father struggling to cope with the loss of …


  1. Bit of a talentless puke who could not play on studio albums, more into pistols than peace in his hay day. About all he had to offer was his hippie poster boy look. Check out his discography, it will put you to sleep faster than a James Taylor concert.

  2. For those who don't already know… Crosby also answers questions, from the readers, every month in the magazine. Definitely one of my favorite things to read in Rolling Stone.

  3. Wise man. Re Q1, as a long time smoker the problem is not a sore throat, it's my lungs, they're fucked, so I just haven't got the wind to sing properly. This is a real bummer, I love singing. If you want to keep singing, stop smoking, eat the dope instead. Lastly, cunnilingus is brilliant as is giving pleasure to a woman or other person. It's the least you can do for a partner, what with all the bad habits men have, it's a wonder they have anything to do with us at all….DA.

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