1. If you dont want a stomach flu ? DONT EAT WHITE SUGAR, the flu bug grows on white sugar , and body flu aches will be gone much faster . the "flu season " begins with halloween and ends after easter . Its the extra sugar season

  2. The problem with the Flu virus is that the world is much smaller today than it use to be. A man could be carrying the Flu strain from Sydney Australia, and then get on a flight to Colorado. He thus brings the Sydney strain with him to Colorado. The Sydney and Colorado strains of the virus merge to become resistant to both the Colorado and Sydney vaccines. Or, people just catch the Sydney strain in Colorado, and then wonder why the vaccine, which in Colorado would be for the Colorado strain, didn't work.

  3. Most of the people that die from the flu are the elderly or very young children, not your everyday joe. There are lots of ways to fortify your immune system so you decrease your chance of contracting it, like elderberry juice/extract. When taken daily it increases your immunity to many viruses including the flu and also shortens the timeline of your sickness. Unfortunately it doesn’t need to be developed every year so it’s not seen as a viable solution.

  4. Maybe when our bad eating habits are changed, perhaps then at least the percentage drops. People are out there eating the very same things they know makes them more susceptible to disease and would rather visit the doctor every time they feel something other than addressing the root cause.

    If people aren't told that they also need to eat properly then we'll be making more weak humans and sick babies that depend on vaccines only.

  5. Ever heard of antioxidants? I eat raw pasture-raised eggs to get over a flu (and usually stop it in its track that day). But some are allergic to eggs, you say? Great. Eat some other fatty cut of meat that day and tell me how you feel THE NEXT DAY. This obsession with finding the cure-all for disease is purely driven by the pharmaceutical industry to again, sell you some drug/vaccine for a long period of time so they keep their bottom line padded. C’mon people…

  6. In the 50s and 60s , 1 satchet of Beechams Powder would clear-up any ' flu sympton . But pharma companies reduced the effectiveness of their products . Aspro and aspirin became unfashionable to market . Paracetamol only works if you double the dose ! Adult and child meds. are a huge con trick . Become your own doctor , and ignore these charlatans and quacks . I was a war-baby , and grew-up on healthy food . School milk , malt and cod liver oil capsules during Winter , and a working Mother who was a fantastic cook . School meals and Army Cooks , must have helped to sustain me along the way . Apart from a Yellow Fever and a Smallpox jab soon l hope my self-awareness keeps me on my toes .

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