1. Just wonderful reportage,
    all these researches that will lead in solving the medical failures caused by the incurable diseases, today are more than welcome. Congratulations to Liz Parrish and the entire viewing team and also to Darren Moore for his courage

  2. Now I'm really starting to see where this idea of supposed overpopulation is coming from. The elites are worried about the rest of us going to stand in their way and pollute their gardens as they're prepping for the millennia to enjoy their lavish lives.

  3. This look like business to me, unless they will proved one person (or monkey at least) bring to life after one year, 2, or 5 years. Why wait for cure for a disease- proved it first.

  4. How would someone that had problem with age be able to defend themself against the imergy of the video shown in the video – the one in the start. Re-think.

  5. What do you mean death is boring!?! They maybe a afterlife or you get reborn in another reality. To be honest, if you become immortal and everyone dies, you will spend trillions upon of trillions of years alone. Wouldn't that sound depressing? Like if you agree with me!

  6. Repeat after me, WE ARE MORTALS!!!!!! How does she know death is boring? Lol…There will be a lot of disappointed people!!! What will happen when the world ends? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. So lets get this out there… spend millions making humans immortal for the one percent of the population?????

    Homeless problem?
    Third world problems?
    Oil Shortage?
    Global Energy Crisis?
    Dying Oceans?
    Ozone problems?
    Plastic polution problems?
    Population levels?

    Clever people who clearly want to sort out the wrong thing'

    Perhaps you Brainiacs could work on important things before we all burn to death on the last piece of habitable land, eating the last scrap of edible food,waiting for high tide???

    But your right it sounds SOOOOOOO exciting!!!!

  8. This is what happens when ppl want to play GOD. People you’re being BAMBOOZLED. There is life after death. With GOD. It’s called heaven. You have all this money to waste. Then feed a family. Adopt a child. Children keep you young. That’s how you get ETERNAL life.

  9. There are many things that we forget , especially when we have good news or a new ideas , inventions . Life extension programs or frozen bodies or heads are not the only way be become immortal .
    SPARTA SPARTANS PELLOPONISOS and many others like Sophocles , Aristoteles are still alive ,,,but with no need of biological or mechanical body (bodysuit ).
    THE EXCITEMENT OF a new achievement makes you forget that bodies always need BE serviced and every day has to use the toilet ( W.C. ). SO..every day living after 40 is the same , like the day before. Eat and shit .
    The ones the wanne save their haid and place it on a advanced body shuit ,I belive that theY will be the next hard workers on earth 🌎. More like working underground lookin for gold, or work on other planets.
    WE can't trick our creators ,even if you have a contract .

  10. We stop evolving when we invented religion , I have my own religion and that is been vegan I don’t follow the costumes of this planet sick humans eating their own friends neighbors and family have you ever watched Greek miththology sorry I couldn’t spell that but anyway we evolve from animals there was no God no beginning no end until Jesus came to existence now you have a God now you have someone that is going to judge you

  11. The idea of being immortal sounds nice, but in reality I think being truly immortal — as in, indestructible — would be terrifying. For one thing, you would be tethered to the societal and cultural changes of mankind forever. For one thing, what happens when, inevitably, you no long have the wealth or status to enjoy life as you do now? That happened for millions of people in France in 1789, in Russia in 1917, in the U.S. in 1929, and in thousands of other places at various times in history? And it will not only continue to happen, it WILL happen to YOU if you are truly immortal.

    Furthermore, what happens when humans are no longer the dominant species on Earth or we destroy the Earth or a comet kills every other living thing on Earth? For that matter, what happens when the sun becomes a red giant and swallows the Earth?

    Sure, it sounds far-fetched and hundreds or millions or billions of years away, but again, if you are truly immortal, eventually all of those things WILL happen to you. I would not want to be alive and well and living in a post-apocalyptic world, or as some super-species' pet, or in the middle of the sun with literally nothing to do.

    I know they're really only talking about life extension here, not true immortality, and living another 100 years or more might be nice. But then again — it might not. As with everything else, be careful what you wish for.

  12. 29:00

    The nanobot body sounds pretty fucking awesome to be honest. I'm currently getting my Master's in Bioengineering and then I'm going for my PhD in Nanoengineering so I'll see if this is a possibility. If it is, we are certainly a very long way off.

  13. The end of the universe need not mean death. We could move to another universe, probably one we've created. Who's to say that in billions of years time there won't be the technology to either stop the heat death or big rip, or create new universes? If we're still around by then, we'll probably become gods!

  14. Unless you die you can't live. I lay down my live out of my own will only to take it up again . Put that in your pipe and smoke it.And have eternal life . if you seek it in CHRIST it will cost you your live. Only to receive it. The power is in the blood of the lamb .

  15. Why would I want to live on this earth forever?? As a believer in Jesus, i have a eternal life in Heaven. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  16. – All I have to know is that your body after dead has shed its exact double into the spirit side of life indefinitely; As far as I am concerned, your frozen bodies might as well be thrown in a massive grave and forgotten, and never mind the frozen plans ever; For cloning, it's a different story.

  17. just because they can stop aging doesnt mean you cant be killed all these people are just puppets for the people who own the momentary systems around the world. its so naive to think that the real people in power will ever let the masses get a hold of this knowledge sooooooooo dangerous …. GET READY FOR THE POST HUMAN WORLD ….

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