Aurora Cannabis 2020 REAL QUESTIONS! Slang Worldwide Review, MedMen Update, Hemp Inc

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  1. Hey Gibbs,

    Wondering if you’d been interested in giving your opinion on your current top 3 undervalued Canadian cannabis stocks, and coincidentally, your top 3 overvalue stocks.

    Damn we are getting close to 10k subs. Congrats!

  2. Those are great pics but you are missing the most profitable company in Canada. The Valens company aka valens grow works . Valens is a beast that flies under the radar. Revenues are great but you need net profit. Already profitable and their margins are fantastic. The safest pic in the mj sector! A double to a 5 bagger easy.

  3. spend 10,000 on ACB. and dont look at it for 3 yaers. You will either lose 10,000 or have 100,000. I can always save up 10k, but saving up 100k is very very difficult. So difficult, most people in this world, can not ever do this. That alone is worth it to me.

  4. Hey Gilbert, I really like your videos. You do very good research and you can be listened to very well. You have an idea of ​​the matter 🙂

    I would love to hear your opinion on Halo Labs. Halo is one of the most interesting extraction companies for me.

    Good margins, good management and high upside potential due to undervaluation.

    Do you think so too?

    Nice greetings from Germany

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