Advanced Nutrients Review for Hydroponic Cannabis – Micro Grow Bloom and Big Bud

In this video I discuss and review the Micro, Grow, Bloom and Big Bud hydroponic nutrient solutions produced by Advanced Nutrients. These nutrients are …


  1. Used this product trio completely as directed on label and 🌱💥🔥💣
    I was completely blown away by both the speed my plants grew, and sheer size of my yield. I will never use any other brand now.

  2. This is my current set up…been using Advanced for years now…but I'm on my first grow using the big bud supplement. Good video bud. ✌🏾 from Alaska. I switch out my res every 3 days and clean her by scrubbing and using non scented disinfecting soap.

  3. you should shake the bottles before opening, i dont think its the smartest to dip the solutions with the same "needle" you spill some micro into your grow and some grow into your Bloom. gotta keep your needles clean and only use them for one solution at a time

  4. Looks great man! One recommendation is BLACK BUCKETS!!!! Or at least ones that don’t let light pass through. Light and water don’t mix too well😬 that’s all algae build up which can also cause root rot. Then you’re not talking any risks. Less nutes! Lol don’t know if you have any current vids haven’t checked yet but loving it!

  5. You shouldn’t be getting dirt from your plant. Only time I’ve got tiny bit of dirt buildup in my water was from using too much nutrients. Also clean your bucket often at least once a week

  6. Question. Do you use tap water or distilled water with these? Does it make a difference with the PH?

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

    Ps: going to grow in soil mixed with brown peat, perlite and a tiny bit of worm castings. No pre-fertilization in the soil.

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