7 Predictions for the Hemp CBD Industry in 2020

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  3. This is my first year growing hemp. I hung the plants up in my barn to dry. I estimated them to dry in about 5-7 days. With the extreme dry hot conditions they dried to an almost crisp condition in 2 days. Now I'm having a real hard time processing them cause their too dry. Most of the flower is just crumbling. The Cbd potency is strong but plants are too dry to work with. What can I do to salvage my crop?

  4. Good words. It's now May and there's the COVID issue and there's STILL deflection away from HEMP/CBD because the feds can't control it financially. Congress is pressing the SAFE Banking Act. Mitch is going to cut loose soon.

  5. As an individual/entrepreneur trying to break into the CBD space this year…..what would a good way to get my feet wet? I'm in VA. I can't stand by and watch this opportunity pass me by and waste another 10 years at my current employment. I want to be my own my boss and do my own thing, I love the health and fitness industry and wonder how I might be able to incorporate CBD into that…..loved your vid. Was chill and full of great info

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