61 Year Old Tries "Magic Mushrooms" (psilocybin) | DOCUMENTARY

In this short documentary a 61 year old woman tries mushrooms. Will she get the “Spiritual Experience” she’s after? Or will things become too intense for her to …


  1. Such a wonderful substance. We are children who pretend to understand. Naked and true we lose our fake sleeves but become our own self once again. The spirit revealed through death of influence and suggestion. Ego is a tool that is hard to lose but we do not need. It's something special and magical.

  2. This reminds me of a time in about 1986 a friend of mine asked me if I was interested in buying some mushrooms. I said sure and he called a guy to deliver the product. I paid like $20 for a sandwich bag with 6 or 8 thin dried mushrooms with a distinctive blue tint to the stems. So we sat there talking and when I finished consuming the whole bag my buddy said. "You just ate more mushrooms than anyone I've ever seen!" To describe the experience as intense would be an under statement.

  3. I had a shroom chocolate once it was delicious and I had a great high. It was amazing . My brother offered one to my mom and she had no idea what it was . She said “why do I feel funny? “ lol but she was fine. I saw the led lights shooting up like beams. And there was fog in the room it was like I could touch the light beams. The colors were so bright! I could hear the music playing as if it was surrounding me from every angle. And everything was so funny. I started drawing and being creative. I also felt very close to everyone around me. It was awesome

  4. The placebo effect is so cringy when people take a drug for the first time. They think they feel all these effects, but there is no way you feel effects within 30 mins.

  5. The person who made this video is the biggest douche and clearly has no understanding of healing , kindness, psychedelics. The moment she said "stop filming i feel vulnerable " you should have left her alone. The worst set and setting i could imagine. Thank God she didn't have like 3+ g or her experience would have been terrifying. Clearly one reason why I don't trip around morons. I got a bad trip from this video and haven't done anything. Unfollowing!

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