In this gardening video, we go over my indoor cannabis harvest – medical marijuana grow. Overall final dry weight was 2.4 lbs. If you enjoyed this video please …


  1. Looking back through your older stuff 👍. Sour Diesel from Reserva was a disappointment for me as well. I grew it outdoors and in all fairness it was ok but I expected better .

  2. So have you ever employed a Solar Shuttle to move3 your Lights? Asking because I have one from years past growing with Halides and HPS. With the advances in LEDs I’m considering going indoors again.

  3. Sour diesel only really exists as a clone. The genetics are too unstable to get it from a seed. The plant grown is almost always not like the mother

  4. Quick question on you burping method do you only open the jars to shake em around then closen em right back up? Ive heard you let it sit open for like 10 mins do you know if this is true?

  5. I
    I live in a state where cannabis is illegal, I really wish I could do this at home without getting busted the ladies that you showed were absolutely beautiful ✌🏼 I would love a chance to do this you are lucky ✌️

  6. I hope you answer this very soon, like today…I've been watching your videos and now its time to decide. My choices are. Growcraft X3 300 or 500 watt from ChiLED, Electric Sky 300, and HLG. I am looking for 2 x 4 or 3 x 5 flowering coverage with edge to edge good par readings, customer service, warranty and a work horse…Grow Craft customer service has be wonderful so far. So has ES, but they haven't started their sale yet. And I havent spoken to anyone over at HLG. Grow Craft lights are 25-30% off right now with another 5% with coupon code and you get another 10 dollars back if you leave a review on their page. So a roughly 900 dollar light can be shipped to your door for about 621 dollars and then take another 10 off that. Out of these 3 which would you go with? G Sunshine Co should be starting their sale any day now and its looking like 20-30% off…He told me its going to be their deepest discounts ever or for the year

  7. Beautiful! Question about a 300 watt light ,can I use this in any outlet in my home without blowing any circuits?love how you explain how you grow amazing buds .i only have a small space so maybe 2 plants tops . Thanks so much !

  8. Four by eight . I won't say how much we get from that much grow space. You might feel bad a little. Nahh f that. We do 4×8 table beds. Two b-new HPS 1000 over each table. Purple kush 3-3.5 pounds per table. NL5 we get 6+ pounds out of the same 4×8 table. Monsters. Also, I say that to every grower, maybe showing the world you grow weed isn't a good idea. That stuff is worth thousands or $ and anyone can recognize someone and kick a door…no no pot

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