1. 💯 I went on a cruise and a homeboy didn’t have his ID on him. His wife had it a few people behind us with the group of girls. They snatched him out the line when he turned around to say Babe bring my ID. They searched his bags when they snatched him out the line and found his vape pens. It got ugly fast. He even tried to say it was nicotine and they wasn’t buying it. They fined him on the spot. All I keep thinking is if he didn’t have $500 right then and there they likely would have kept his ass. Well we would have been coming together so he could bring his ass home. This is a good vid. Cuz if you’re getting off a cruise in California you can just go to the dispensary and cop some more trees anyway. Good s**t!!!

  2. Where do you embark from?. Im goin from San diego And since weed is legal In California I was gunna go to the Dispensary and get some vape pens nd a couple of pre rolls. Wouldnt they check baggage before boarding if they do it at the end?.

  3. Yee those airport dogs is dumb as fuck. I rolled and smoked a blunt in the car before my last flight dogs especially outta san Fran and sj do not really care. The x ray machines and tsa do all the heavy lifting in those airports

  4. Definitely speaking facts saw that happen on a cruise I was going n they actually brought dogs onboard as we got back to Miami and they was smuggling coke smh so dumb probably had it out in the room and the Stewart more than likely saw but still definitely use or smoke what ever you bring especially if it’s not a cartridge

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